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Clear aligners (Invisalign) 

Clear aligners is a new and almost invisible way to improve your smile, brace free! Tooth movement is planned using a digital software and then a series of aligners is printed for you using 3D printing technology. Each aligner moves teeth by several mm and gradually places them to the desired position. The aligners are removable for eating, brushing or flossing. Most malocclusion problems can be now be corrected using aligners only (perfect for teens and adults) !

Lingual braces 

Putting lingual braces (Incognito braces) is the most invisible way towards your new smile! This method is one of the most contemporary ways to treat your orthodontic malocclusion . They are custom made to order and then placed on the lingual side of your teeth. They are very thin in order to minimise any speech difficulties. They can treat almost all malocclusion problems (perfect for demanding adults)